Volcan de Fuego, one of the most active volcanoes in Central America erupted several times in a week, killing more than 99 people. The village of San Miguel Los Lotes suffered the gravest damage with a significant portion of the town engulfed in ash, mud, lava, and debris. The images from satellites indicated the volcanic eruption and the photos show the destruction caused by molten magma. 

The satellite photos are awe-inspiring as they reveal the massive volcanic eruption as well as the aftermath of the event. The dry surface of Earth is clear evidence of nature’s real strength. If it can create, it can destroy too.

The volcano is quite active and thus has a bad name, but this one was remarkably one of the most energetic eruptions that took place in the last few decades. The volcano poured lava into nearby areas while the ash reached up to the height of six miles in the sky. This eruption has forced thousands of people to relocate and live in temporary shelters since there is only ash and mud scattered everywhere covering every inch of the town and cities around the area near Guatemala. 

The images sent by satellite has made this destruction look like a piece of art. Digital Globe’s World View 4 Earth Imaging Satellite has captured the incident so well that even this destructive site looks like a treat for the eyes. The damage is extensive and will take quite a while to get the things return to normal. Volcan de Fuego is situated some 27 miles to the south-west of Guatemala city which is a tourist destination as at a distance of ten miles, Antigua Guatemala is located. La Reunion Golf Course which has been hosting PGA Tour Latinoamerica since 2014 is only a few miles away from the live volcano site. The last event held there was in March. Had this eruption taken place then, it would have led to an even more significant loss. However the golf course is still submerged under mud, nut the right thing is it was not the highest rush time. The flowing lava has wholly swept several structures including the main course.

Most of the casualties are from El Rodeo, Alotenango, and San Miguel Los Lotes. Witnesses who could manage to escape describe the scenario of people being buried alive under tons of mud and debris from the volcano. The rain afterward added to the trouble as the rescue operations got delayed. Lives of 1.7 million people who lived nearby the accident spot has been affected and about 200 people have been reported as missing.