Peanuts and NASA are collaborating with each other on science activities, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) with the future generation of thinkers and explorers. Charles M. Schulz provides an option to formalize an agreement on space with the details about the deep space of NASA missions. During the Apollo era after 50 years, the first step towards this collaboration has begun.

The Director of Johnson space center, NASA, in Huston, signed an agreement with a new mission where NASA is venturing to the moon, which would bring a new dimension into deep space through humans and this agreement is signed on behalf of the agency.  He said by engaging with the public they were doing a significant way of reaching people who could use their interest in the space in the future generation. 

With the involvement of NASA, Peanuts will work for Astronaut Snoopy including the student’s curriculum based on the STEM about the in-depth space exploration of America and detailed about the next year celebration of 50th anniversary of the first setting foot of humans on the moon. Peanut will start sharing the updated activities on space at the San Diego conference, comic-con international in July. 

Since the year 1960, when the Apollo missions began, NASA has given the details to M. Schulz and his American icon Snoopy. In the year 1969 May, ten astronauts of Apollo traveled for a final checkout to the moon on a later mission before the landings of lunar. In fact, this mission needed a lunar module to get into the moon’s surface, which is 50,000 feet. The crew named this mission as lunar module Snoopy. 

NASA astronauts provide the silver Snoopy award to contractors and employees who are honored for their excellent achievement for mission success and flight safety. They are receiving this award for their outstanding performance for the same. 

NASA is taking the next step towards the exploration into deep space by humans where astronauts will start testing the process near the moon, which is required for the research from Earth including Mars and mission of lunar surface. 

The ground systems at Kennedy space center of Florida Cape town will be first integrated the NASA test of deep space exploration system, which is called as Exploration Mission-1. This mission will be an ungroup flight test which will provide a base for the mission crew, and this can extend the existence of human to the moon.