Ana Holdings Which is the parent company of All Nippon Airways made a considerable investment. It was to PD Aerospace which is a commercial spaceflight company. It is worth Y200 million, and it is equivalent to the $1.8 million. It is an addition to another Y20.4 million that he invested in October 2016.

Yoshiaki Tsuda said that the investment is an excellent source of joy for ANA. It excites them that PD Aerospace has a space technology that can assist in the future space transport. Tsuda serves as ANA Digital Design Lab’s development.

What PD Aerospace is working on is worth it. Its spacecraft involve the jet as well as rocket engine functions.  They will achieve that by using the pulse detonation engines. That way, it will be possible to carry out hypersonic flights.

What is the purpose of the business venture? It is to assist the company to easily transfer from Nagoya, where its research, as well as the development center, is as of now, to Hekinan. Equally important, it needs to prepare for the flight of the unmanned spacecraft come 2019. It will fly up to an altitude of about 100 km. The reason for the increase in their support is for the good of the flight. It aims to make the period of testing and launching as little as possible.

There is also an aircraft engineer at their disposal. He is to offer maximum assistance so that PD Aerospace can make the development a reality. He comes from ANA Holdings.

What is the purpose investment? According to the company, it is a way of capturing the new fields. It is evident that PD Aerospace is a new business area and what they are offering is a new trick.

While they are working together, they will learn a thing or two. That will help ANA improve its operations. It would use it to run its multiple space projects as well as businesses. There is the preparation of the future space era. They want to be ready for space exploration and tourism. According to them, this is an excellent opportunity for them to get prepared.

There are other investors in PD Aerospace. They include a travel agency by the name HIS. Both Optima Ventures and Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park operator, are also investors. Last but not least, there is the Mizuho Capital. That tells how promising this commercial spaceflight company is.