Tim Dodd is an ordinary man who affirms to use his freshly discovered powers for good. Tim is not a superhero; he is the Everyday Astronaut. He, with his spacesuit and enthusiasm for space exploration, wants to generate among the citizens of earth euphoria and exhilaration in spaceflight. He is a self-proclaimed “Space-obsessed man-child who has brought space down to earth through the YouTube Channel and the Instagram account called “Everyday Astronaut,” where he discusses space exploration, rocketry, and technology in his stalwart orange spacesuit. He hosts Space.com’s Facebook Watch series “Spacing out with the Everyday Astronaut.” The Everyday Astronaut is as much a character as it is an extension of himself where both are excited about Space but Everyday Astronaut is a kind of a confused, bumbling fool who is an arrogant and overly-confident know-it-all but silly and ridiculous fellow. 

As for Dodd’s childhood, it was adorned with space bedsheets, space shuttle posters, and three Lego space shuttle sets. To look at the moon he used his telescope and yellow fisher-price binoculars. Before becoming the Everyday Astronaut, Tim never wanted to become an Astronaut rather he wanted to become a tractor. He was a professional photographer in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where he grew up. His main money making was Weddings, which gave him free time and flexible hours to pursue other things, which finally motivated him to start rocket photography and spaceflight-related stuff.

The movie “Gravity” came out in October 2013, which is when Dodd’s interest in space also rekindled. Sitting at a coffee shop he saw a Gizmodo Article that said, ‘You could own a piece of Apollo hardware’. On the last day of the auction, Dodd decided to look at items that hadn’t been bid on. He then came across the Russian high altitude flight suit. The next bid on the suit after $300 was $330. Tim couldn’t resist and a week later the suit arrived at his home. Tim had no idea as to what to do with that suit hanging on the wall until March 2014, when Spaceflight Now hired him to photograph the launch of SpaceX’s commercial Resupply services 3 cargo mission to the International Space Station at NASA’S Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. 

Tim then went to the launch pad to prepare for the photos where he saw the very first rocket-orbital class, liquid-fueled rocket — that had landing legs on it. This 21st Century rocket dragged Tim into the depths of the absolute obsession. Tim returned to Iowa energized and inspired. He posted a few photos of himself hanging around the space center with the spacesuit on. His family and friends loved it. He started taking pictures of a day in the life of Everyday Astronaut and for several years posted the escapades of the Everyday Astronaut on Instagram making at the top of the Reddit a few times as well. 

Dodd started to get weary of Photography and decided to pursue Everyday Astronaut full time which continued to appear on Instagram and also showed up on a live-streaming platform Twitch playing the launch simulator Kerbal Space Program. As it was hard to attract sponsors without products to endorse and as he got disillusioned with two platforms, Everyday Astronaut switched to Youtube.

On Tim’s Birthday in 2017, SpaceX announced that they were going to try to send tourists around the moon. Seeing it as an opportunity, Tim made a quick video on it with a few of his own opinions attached to it. The 2-minute video had around 20,000 views within a week. Taking his viewers feedback seriously he posted another video on how SpaceX rocket launched. Finally spending two weeks in scripting, researching and editing bore fruits and with zero plan, zero ideas of what it was going to be, out of nowhere the video, about a month or two later had around 30,000 to 50,000 views.