Mars has been one of the most intriguing elements of our solar system, it is the next door neighbor, followed by the dearest moon, has been seen as the second Earth, or at least the planet we could look up to if Earth faces its end. But when we say that scientists have been discovering for life on Mars, we generally think of aliens. However, it is not the case, the Curiosity rover on Mars in collaboration with another such discoverer has sent information about the organic compounds of methane to be present on the surface of Mars.

The good news is that if Methane and its compounds are present, the possibility of life that some millions of years ago existed on the planet red. We were throughout looking for signs of life that were present on the planet but it wanted to show us the glories of past it had. Ken Williford – an astrobiologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory stated that if we persistently work in looking for life that exists, we might at least find signs of life that existed. 

Methane is a gas that itself does not guarantee the existence of life but suggests the presence of a pattern that can be looked out for. Methane’s source if found may lead to newer discoveries. Mars is a dynamic and complex planet that requires thorough and rigorous examination. 

It has been found that some 3.5 billion years ago; there was water present in the Gale Crater of Mars which got dried up owing to solar winds. The researcher is anticipating finding the remains of that water which has turned into a patch of wet mud. 

Another team of scientists headed by Jennifer Eigenbrode, also identified the Compounds of carbon present in Earth in the form of coal mines and ancient organic remains, to be present even on Mars in the form of macromolecules. “What we have detected is what we would expect from a sample from an ancient lake environment on Earth,” said Eigenbrode, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Although, there are certain non-biological explanations of the presence of organic compounds found on Mars. But they too ultimately suggest that life may not be present in the organic compounds but these compounds are what life feeds on. If not aliens there must be some ancient alien microorganisms present. Curiosity shall keep digging deeper down the surface of Mars and maybe we will find out something more unexpected.