Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) which is a British small sat developer has officially announced its signing of an agreement for six launches with the help of small vehicle launch developer known as the Firefly Aerospace.

In an official statement, Firefly Company told that they have entered into a pact with the SSTL whereby they will make six lift off of SSTL on the Firefly Alpha Launch vehicle in between the years of 2020 and 2022. Although the terms and the conditions of the agreement are yet to be disclosed the Firefly officials have said that they have charged around $10 million for each launch.

The first satellite that the SSTL is planning to launch will be Carbonite-4 that will be launched from the Firefly Alpha. It is a satellite which the company did not reveal in its initial phases. The initial two Carbonite Satellites were supposed to be technology demonstration satellites along with high-resolution imaging payloads.

Sarah Parker who is the managing director of the SSTL has said that the partnership with the Firefly company will ensure further customer satisfaction, customer sustainability and with the various certainty of launch opportunities. She further emphasized the plans of the company saying that they would like to successfully launch CARBONITE-4 in the early part of 2020 and thereby involve with furthermore launches to follow.

The agreement was announced by Max Polyakov who is the CEO of Firefly Aerospace which was formed after acquiring the assets of the company known as Firefly Space Systems which had initially filed bankruptcy suit in the year of 2016. If everything goes according to the plans, then the first launching will take place in the third quarter of 2019 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base which is located in California. Earlier on May 1st, the company had announced that it had got orders from the US Air Force to take control over the Space Launch Complex 2 West. Currently, Delta 2 launches take place from such place. The last Delta 2 launch pad is scheduled for September in this year.

Tom Markusic who is the Chief executive of Firefly Aerospace attended the International Space Development Conference located in Los Angeles that was held on May 25. He said the first stage of production activities would take place from the Texas manufacturing hub. However, the company has plans to develop another large production facility as its launching activities start to move on.

Tom also said that the company plans to launch 24 rockets a year, while the Texas campus is capable of launching six rockets in a year currently.