A very tiny asteroid slammed on earth’s atmosphere on 2nd June, which is look like a fireball. According to the NASA, the statement in early Saturday a group of scientist discovered the asteroid, which is called as 2018 L.A. After the close look at the rock trajectories, it is determined as the collision course with Earth. This asteroid hit Earth’s atmosphere over the southern African nation of Botswana at 12:44 p.m. EDT (1644 GMT) when coming down at a whopping 38,000 mph (61,155 km/h). That’s 10 miles (or 17 kilometers) every second!

The astronomers near Tucson, Arizona have discovered it for the first time. According to the NASA officials” ”the space rock was faint and 6 feet, which can completely burn the atmosphere. This is caught in camera by the spectators. This is brilliantly coming over the horizon like a fireball. This is far from the moon ((which is typically about 239,000 miles, or 384,600 km, from Earth) This is discovered in the last Saturday. With Catalina telescope, one could see its long appearance. NASA planetary defense officer Lindley Johnson said “ this was a decidedly smaller project, which we were given to detect and warned about. The trajectory plot was the first asteroid, which hit the Earth.

The NASA scientists are observed the sky regularly. They are very cautious about the dangerous impact of the asteroids on Earth. In the year 2013, the 56feet asteroids damaged thousands of buildings, and 1200 people were injured. According to the Minor Planet Center the asteroid to CNEOS. JPL’s automated Scout system, which follows asteroids, confirmed 2018 LA was on a collision course with Earth and it sent the observation alerts to spot the steroid.

The latest news of NASA is helpful and gives more information about the collision process, and the tiny steroid discovered recently. This has detailed information from the skilled scientists, and they found the asteroid, which hit the planet earth. This way they warned people and continuously observed and researched about the Asteroids. Previously also the scientists and professors discovered about the asteroids and warned about it to the mass. This recent news will give impact to the science and will have useful information about it. This will provide potential influence on the trajectory projects on the Earth as well. You can watch the video by clicking on the link below.