SpaceX CEO, Mr Elon Musk and other top management personnel have confirmed the fact that their two prototype Starlink internet satellites are working fine and passing by a series of tests till now spanning over a period of three months from its launch.

SpaceX has adopted finest version and technologies in terms of designing, manufacturing and handling advance communication satellites. However very little information could be transmitted till date through such constellations of satellites which proves that the testing is least successful till date. There is no doubt of the fact that SpaceX is a highly experienced company in terms of manufacturing and at simultaneously operating them. They are utilized in the form of Cargo Dragon and the upper stage of Falcon 9. However, it has to be admitted that the company is not at ease when it comes to small high-throughput communication satellites. As a result the performance put on by the prototype satellites while staying for such a long period within the orbit is a huge success in itself.

Even Elon Musk was highly impressed with the performance of the internet satellites. He also stated that another round of hardware updation would be carried out before the final design of the Starlink is rolled out. He also hinted that one more improved version of the prototype satellite would be launched sometimes in the later part of this year.

Taking into consideration, the variety of technology that has been built in for Starlink, it is quite surprising to know the fact that the satellite internet constellation team is still thinking of bringing about further improvement and testing procedure before they can switch over to the mass production procedure.

It is to be kept in mind that Elon Musk has already declared during the company’s Q1 2018 conference that the services of such satellite internet would not be available to the consumers immediately. In fact it will take time for almost three years to become functional for the ultimate customers to use them. This schedule will give the company another 6-12 months of time for further testing before the actual production process can be initiated. Again it would also mean that the company will have round 12-18 months of time before it can start launching of such satellites. Around 800 of such satellites are in demand that SpaceX needs to build and provide customers with satellite internet facilities.