Picture credited by The Boring Company

Gwynne Shotwell who is the COO and the president of SpaceX supported the statement made by the CEO Elon Musk in an interview and said that she firmly believed the technological advances made by the Boring Company would help SpaceX to take humans to the Red Planet in a much secure and safe way.

She believed that the collaboration between the different companies of Elon Musk would in turn help enlarge his vision of taking people to the Mars. The Boring Company has been helping in a significant way of housing people on Mars. Similarly, the battery technology of the electric car making company,known as Tesla, has already found a place inside the rocket launching technology of SpaceX known as the Falcon 9 rocket and also within the Dragon Spaceflight.

In the earlier years also Musk has supported the potential uses of the advanced tunneling technologies adopted by The Boring Company for the advancement towards the Red planet and even for the upliftment of the solar system more specifically. In the year of 2017, Elon Musk had attended the International Space Station Research and Development conference where he was being asked about how SpaceX was taking advantage of the expertise of the Boring Company to suit the needs of the SpaceX vision of colonization of Mars. Elon Musk agreed to this statement saying that the Boring Machine required on the Red Planet is pretty much different to what is available on the Earth and so it is no harm in taking help of experts in this field. He further added if proper digging could be done and after that, an entire city could be established underground then what’s the harm in such an approach.

In simple words, in the situation of SpaceX’s first trip to Mars with the company’s much anticipated Big Falcon Rocket or the Big Falcon Spaceship could help the company in saving a considerable amount of precious mass by avoiding the initial phase of tunneling hardware by using more essential supplies and materials. In turn, the SpaceX Company can utilize those light weighted Mars-optimised TBMs for initiating future cargo transport missions. As a result, this decision would also enable Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company to buy additional time further hone the tunneling aspects on Earth and even become an expert in respect of synergistic battery and materials expertise. 

Looking at the current activities, it can be presumed that the comments made by the CEO or the COO are in line with the future vision of the company.