To a person with vision, there is inspiration hidden everywhere. This time, SpaceX got inspired from Florida’s  Kennedy Space Center. SpaceX is very much willing to construct a futuristic campus in Florida that could support an unbelievable number of rocket launches. SpaceX has already filed a proposal that is the first step in this direction. 

For the campus, SpaceX has asked for a sixty-seven-acre site where there would be a futuristic control tower, a giant hangar, and a rocket garden.  

The campus is in the prospect of developing a local facility for an efficient and reusable launch vehicle program. Florida Today, the local newspaper claimed the news.  NASA published the plan given by SpaceX of expanding its presence at the Kennedy’s Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A draft of an environmental review published suggests that a patch of land, one mile to the North of KSC’s visitor complex is planned to be used as the area of operations by SpaceX. James Dean published this story first in Florida Today.

IN 2018 alone, SpaceX aims at pulling of thirty orbital launches, which is a record number for a company.  Maximum launches will be made using Falcon-9 and Falcon-heavy, the most potent rocket system available today. SpaceX is considering it to be just the beginning. As told by James Gleeson, the company wishes to expand its horizons by increasing the capabilities and streamlining operations. 

The proposed plan has an outline of increasing the efficiency of the station to support fifty-four launches of Falcon-9 and about ten launches of Falcon Heavy annually. SpaceX also has to perform the recovery of various reusable rocket parts. The company is considering the launch of approximately sixty-four rockets from the campus. For so many launches that too including reusable boosters and commercial use, the company needs a high-end monitoring system and a launch station capable of handling such significant launches. The tower alone shall be 300 feet high with the prospect of the 133,000 square foot Falcon hangar to collect parts of reusable rocket parts. This would save a million dollars by reusing boosters, nosecones, and fairings.

The Rocket garden will serve as a museum where space vehicles which were once latest technology but are no longer in use. SpaceX has used Dragon ships to launch cargo to the ISS and is also working on Crew Dragon ship which will launch astronauts by the end of this year. $507 million has been assigned to set up this enormous project.