Blue Origin is all set to make your dreams turn into reality, a reality of going on a space flight. The company is all set to open bookings for spaceflights starting 2019. However, as such, no announcements have been made on the prices for the ticket, but it is presumed to be ‘astronomical.’

According to Space News, Rob Meyerson, Senior Vice President of Blue Origin, gave an update during the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit, on Jun2018, in Washington DC, that in an ongoing preparation for the space flights, the company is presumed to very soon organize the first passenger test flight of its New Shepard launch system. 

Meyerson mentioned in his address in the summit that, his company is all planned to start their first test passenger flight very soon and is expected to begin selling tickets for the flights in 2019. He, however, did not mention anything on the costs of a card, but as per conversations on Reddit, suggests that ticket prices could range somewhere from $50,000 to $2,50,000 for one seat. 

About Blue origin

It is a U.S. aerospace manufacturer and a spaceflight services company that is privately funded. Jeff Bezos, laid the foundations of the company in 2000, for development of technologies that are designed to enable access of private humans into space. The company’s prime goal here is to dramatically lower costs and enhance reliability in the technology of space flights. 

Space Flight 2019

Suborbital spaceflight will be the first offering from Blue Origin. In this flight, the spacecraft does the space, but its trajectory gets intersected with the atmosphere, and hence the spacecraft do not complete a complete orbital round. It is planned to be achieved by the New Shepard, a reusable launch system, which has vertical take-off and vertical land crewed rocket system. The capsule designed to accommodate a total of six passengers, the rocket is powered with the use of BE-3 propellant rocket engine of Blue Origin, using liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen providing with 110,000 pounds in thrust. 

The capsule has been designed to cross Karman line that lies in an altitude of 100 kilometers and represents as a boundary between the outer space and the Earth’s atmosphere. After this point, passengers will be allowed to unfasten their seat belts and weightlessly float in zero gravity for some period. 

All the new announcements confirm that as a company, Blue Origin is much more advanced because of conducting space tourism and any other high profile companies like the Virgin Galactic.