We know about UFOs, we have heard about spacecraft and its launch, but there’s something we all want to know but are either shy or have no way of finding it out. Did you guess it?

We are talking about nature’s force. How do people in space got to potty when there is no gravitational force to permit the use of standard systems that we use in our homes. NASA’s astronaut Peggy Whitson tells about how space travelers have to perform duties that an average human would find disgusting. She mentioned that she had to pack her poo regularly with her hands. Sounds gruesome, doesn’t it?

Let’s understand the basics of the International Space Station’s Toilet. Honestly telling it looks like a fridge than a commode. There are two toilets in ISS, one on the American side and another on the Russian one, however, astronauts have sometimes to use an Apollo bag when nothing else is at the rescue. No one would ever want to be short of these bags ever or even think about someone having an upset stomach during the expedition.

While using these toilets, you need to carefully follow the instructions, failing which you may be in the middle of a ‘mess.’ Perhaps that’s why they stick notes around the stall. 

The peeing apparatus is comparatively less complicated as it constitutes only a funnel, a hose, and a vacuum. The complicated part is – the pee is recycled into the water by a state-of-the-art recycling system. What do they use it for shall remain a mystery?

If peeing was the natural part, what is difficult? Pooping of course. You don’t get to stay comfortable by settling down on something. Instead, you hover upon the potty vac thing and relieve yourself into a plastic bag lining. In zero gravity, targeting a pretty small hole is undoubtedly a tough task. The astronauts are trained for this by helping them see everything on a video camera, but accidents can take place anytime. Free-floating poop is a common site during space travel, so you have to be very particular while pushing the poop bag into the vac and when it starts getting full, you have to use a rubber glove to pack it down. Space traveling and becoming an astronaut is not easy, whether it is the number of books you have to read or your potty training on ISS.