It has always been a matter of enthrallment to know that space tourism could be possible in the future. Different space-faring companies are in constant endeavors to make space easily accessible to the common man and thereby space tourism a reality. Enlarging few more steps ahead in the niche Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin hit some significant milestones making space a place for spending the vacations for common people. Both these two companies related to space science and technology has made remarkable progress in the field. In early April Space Ship, Two of Virgin Galactic made a successful test flight which was long awaited, and Blue Origin made another successful test launch of its New Shepard rocket.

The launch and test flight of New Shepard and Space Ship Two respectively are on the verge of making space tourism a success. The spaceship of Blue Origin is equipped with crash test dummy and a good number of scientific experiments. Therefore it has become highly reliable to use for ventures like space tourism. According to Christian Davenport who launched his new book, The Space Barons says that this is one of the most crucial moments for people who are enthusiastic about space science and technology and looking for the scope of space tourism. As per the reports Both Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are on the mission to start sending paying customers into space by the end of 2018. 

According to Davenport both these space-faring companies have invested a huge amount of their fortunes in this field. It is like a gamble and we hope that it becomes a success. Davenport who covers the space industry for the Washington Post added “They say the quickest way to become a millionaire in space is to start out as a billionaire.” 

As per the researchers and scientist going to space and surviving there is not a child’s play. It is a rare process and till date only 560 people have ever done it. But all those who have been there described their experience as transformative. “What Branson and Bezos want to do is make it easier for more people to see the curvature of the earth, see the blackness of space, and see the thin blue-greenish hue of the atmosphere and the land below without any boundary lines,” says Davenport. If everything goes well, in the coming days we will be able to experience the space world.