Astronauts aboard the International Space Station will be working this weekend as well in the memory of the colleagues and join in their footsteps in the same-by working. The astronauts are too busy, and as such, they will be working this weekend as a “Memorial Day.” The Expedition 55 crew consists of Japanese astronauts Norishige Kanai, US astronauts Ricky Arnold, Drew Fuestel as well as Scott Tingle, Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Cmdr Anton Shkaplerov.

At the moment, the space station crew members are very much busy even to take a day off. On May 21, Orbital ATK’s Cygnus Cargo Ship reached the Space Station to deliver various equipment which is required to undertake different scientific experiments. Some of the operations such as Cold Atom Lab’s “box of laser” will function remotely. However, other experiments will be requiring regular astronaut’s attention and regular maintenance works. Many experiments that have come up to the Space Station involve “ICE CUBES” module that involves individual experiments. It also involves old-fashioned sextants that will be required to study space navigation. It is not necessary to mention the fact that the astronauts will have lots of jobs to do.

Apart from conducting various experiments within the International Space Station, the astronauts will also require to unpack a lot of cargo equipment, bring them to their correct location and sort accordingly. The astronauts know very well that room is a crucial constraint n the space station and so they have to keep every item very minutely and adequately so that it utilizes minimum space.

According to Kirk Shireman, there are always some goodies on the space station, and so they will always try to fly something that every crew member would be fond of. However, in spite of such busy schedule, the crew members will take out time to honor those people who served the US armed forces. Many, as well as previous astronauts, are now part of the US military force. Not only this, Kelly Humphries told the reporters that many crew members remember such the troops by wearing red shirts on Friday.

However, NASA officials still feel that their members must get a day off from their busy schedule. Although the astronauts will be working the whole day this weekend, they will be compensated by declaring a particular day off at a future date.