SpaceX decided to postpone launch of their flagship, Falcon-9 1.2V, for another day. Still SpaceX will try to perform landing of the first stage on their robotic ship on Atlantic Ocean.

Short post on Twitter is rather standing in the opposition to open information policy of SpaceX. We know only what was announced in enigmatic tweet from Company’s profile:

“Countdown held for the day. Teams are reviewing the data and next available launch date.”

All we know that counting was halted during filling tanks with liquid oxygen on T-1’41” before planned launch. It seems that decision was made in the last moment, flight engineers were probably trying to do all their best to the last moment. According to John Insprucker, product director in SpaceX, issue could be related with loading of liquid oxygen, maybe with measuring level of LOX in tanks:

“Right now, preliminary [indications are] that we were still evaluating the liquid oxygen propellant load, looking at how much time we had left in the count to finish loading the liquid oxygen,”

It is worth to mention, that Falcon-9 1.2V is basing on redesigned thrust control, increased for 10% amount of fuel in tanks and on supercooled propellant. Extremely low temperature of propellant changes its density and makes it more efficient, but also harder to be transferred into the tanks. Higher density of the fuel gives possibility to increase amount of propellant (that is why tanks are holding 10% more). LOX is cooled almost to its boiling temperature (from -183° C to -206° C), and RP-1 is kept in room temperature around 21° C.

SpaceX have not announced official window for next attempt but we are all waiting for third try, which maybe will be performed today.