If not the flying cars, at least cars with rocket thrusters are becoming a possibility. Elon Musk with his full-of-thrill plans has declared the launch of a new roadster which will be powered by rocket thrusters.

Through his tweet on Saturday, Elon announced the SpaceX option package for the upcoming model. The roadster will possess ten small rocket thrusters arranged impeccably around the car. Tesla – as a company policy has openly announced that the tweets by Elon may be completely baseless. However, many a time, they have turned into reality to get everybody awestruck. That’s a usual thing for an entrepreneur, a storm of ideas always ready to explode.

The thrusters though are designed taking inspiration from the rocket, but they are not going to spit fire or use rocket fuel, they are going to be street friendly and of course legal. COPVs or Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels will be used in these cars, which are not meant for the main thrust but steering the rocket.

Whatever the outcome may be it is for sure that the new Tesla will overpower every other gas sports car in almost all the ways possible. The use of COPVs can change the very nature of cars.

The failure of a COPVs lead to an explosion in Falcon-9 on September 01, 2016. However, that was not the only factor, but the usage of COPV needs a perfect blend of power and control.

If used substantially, the power can take the car to the point that it can hover upon the surface for certain periods if not fly. If nothing, the power and performance of the car are going to be breathtaking. SpaceX’s approval for redesigning the unit for the roadster considering the safety and protocol of manufacturing a car is a big decision, and Tesla will go a lot further if it keeps moving ahead with such a pace. Other fuel options too could be considered by the company shortly to re-innovate and revolutionise the automobile industry.

COPV’s configuration can be changed, that’s the reason it is being used in a car. Considering its flexible nature, Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels may also play an essential role in designing an ultra-high power car that runs not only on gas but even electricity, preferably an engine that works for both. Tesla’s previous projects were mesmerizing, and the upcoming is again ahead of all.