Elon Musk announced on Twitter results of inspection of recovered first stage of Falcon rocket.

To remind – on 22 December 2015 SpaceX could say almost that they reached next milestone in their way to Mars. After successful launch and separation from second stage of Falcon-9 1.2v, first stage performed autonomous landing on landing zone in Cape Canaveral. It was second successful landing of rocket stage in 2015, but first during regular commercial mission. But to full success it was needed to confirm that first stage landed without any damages and is able to be launched again – it would mean that landing was not only art for art, but it has economic dimension and is real sign of success in developing reusable technology. Now we know directly from Elon Musk that victory is full:

“Falcon 9 back in the hangar at Cape Canaveral. No damage found, ready to fire again.”

So SpaceX is in possession reusable capability which can be adopted in their rockets to reduce launch costs and result in further reducing of launch costs for customers. This is what we can call a good beginning of the year, isn’t it?

On picture above You can see crane during positioning first stage after landing and about reusable technology You can read here.