Blue Origin success with demonstration of fully operational reusable rocket was like a challenge for SpaceX. We do not have to wait long for the reply.

It is possible that in December 2015 SpaceX will try again to land with one of Falcon rocket boosters, but this time not on sea platform, but on the launch pad in Cape Canaveral Air Base. Attempt is partially confirmed by Carol Scott working within NASA Commercial Crew Program:

“Their plan is to try to land (the next booster) out here on the Cape-side,”

SpaceX had not confirmed such plan yet, but rented from NASA in February 2015 not working lunch pad was designated to be transformed into landing site; it is known that in December launch of Falcon-9 1.2V with twelve Orbcomm satellites atop (mission is described here) is scheduled. If the rumors are confirmed, it would be second attempt after failed launch of Falcon-9 in July and second successful landing reusable rocket in 2015.