New research has been done which suggests that our galaxy called Milky Way might be much bigger than what we thought! The new research indicates that our giant galaxy extends on a distance of 200,000 light years. All of us already know that Milky Way is significant, but nobody ever imagined that it could be even more significant than what we had been thinking for years. 

The recent research about Milky Way was published in the journal called Astronomy & Astrophysics on 7th of May. The report in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics discusses the possibility of the increased size of Milky Way. It says that the stars included in our galaxy may span at minimum 170,000 light-years and can most probably extend up to 200,000 light-years. Imagining the depth of galaxy is quite tricky as the recent report says that the distance can extend more than what we believe. 

The Milky Way has always remained a curious subject for scientists and researchers all over the world. This subject of the galaxy has remained hot among various scientists. Primarily, the size of our galaxy has always created ripples of excitement among scientists. In the earlier phase of research about our galaxy, it was believed for a long time that Milky Way expanded almost 100,000 light years. Later, in the year 2015, the scientists and researchers came with a new conclusion. They said that our galaxy extended at a distance f around 150, 000 lights years. For many years, all of us had believed the same. But the recent study indicates the new size for the galaxy, saying it spans at almost 200,000 light years. 

The study members at the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics and the National Astronomical Observatories of Beijing were doing in-depth research on galaxy for a long time. They made a great effort in unveiling the mystery of size of our galaxy. These researchers were involved in a detailed study which revolved around studying the chemical composition of stars. A lot of stars were analyzed and investigated for their chemical composition during this study. During this study, mainly those stars were examined which lied near the center of our galaxy disc. Using statistical analysis methodology, the researchers said that the distant stars which have the similar chemical composition to the stars near the disc should be considered the part of our galaxy Milky Way. We hope and believe that the discovery about the galaxy’s size will help us gain important info in many relevant fields.