Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary has provided his critics on the European Parliament this Tuesday. He tries to give an outspoken and frank defense stats for the European Parliament for deciding the political sanctions to lead against Hungary.


The defense sovereign rights and anti-migrant measures have been argued by the Budapest with a voters tune of Europe who is going to elect the new Parliament next May in Strasbourg. Sargentini, the MEP of Netherlands from the left green wing has asked the question, “Do you want the rule of law?” this action taken by her indicates that the systematic threat is going to the bloc’s the values of democratic findings.


This voice has been raised with a concern towards the judiciary independence of Hungary, corruption, academic freedom, rights of minorities and refugees, freedom of expression, religious freedom etc for Hungarians. While addressing the Parliament Alexis Tsipras the Prime Minister of Greek said that, “The duty of Pro-European forces is to get side by side we should not repeat the happenings of past”.


As per the declaration was given by the head of liberal ALDE unfreedom, Guy Verhofstadt, MEPs are going to get a clear choice from the next week onwards. The Orban sanctions that support for freedom and values of EU. In history, this will be the first time when the European Parliament is going to vote and step in the European Union treaties as per the article seven.


Poland’s ally has pledged for imposing penalties on Warsaw against any move which can affect or block the measures. It is still not clear that the Sargentini procedure either get the two-third assembly support. The opposition has been provoked by the actions of Orban and has been applauded for them by in EU.


Heinz-Christian Strache, Vice Chancellor and the leader of Austria on Monday says that he will invite the party of Orban gladly in the common block and the admiration for Orban has also expressed by the Matteo Salvini, Interior Minister.


In the month of July, the executive body of EU says that they will take the Budapest to the European Court of Justice which will lead for the imprisonment of up to one year for being the undocumented migrants.


In a conference, the spokesman of Hungarian government Zoltan Kovacs in Brussels told the reporters that the government of Orban is seeking parliamentary motion like a witch hunt means divisive and very dangerous.