On Wednesday, International astronomers said that for the first time a widespread underground lake has been detected on Mars. This will be raising hope of more water and even life. The lake is located under a layer of Martian and it’s about 12 miles wide. This is stated in the US journal Science. This is the largest liquid water body, found on the Red Planet. co-author Enrico Flamini, the Italian space agency’s Mars Express mission manager, told a press conference told that the water is here and there is no doubt about it. 

Mars is now barren, dry and cold and its used to be wet and warm. It had lakes and liquid water for 3.6 billion years ago. Scientists are very much interested to find the water signs. In fact, these discoveries are a major key factor to unblock the weather mystery of life that has formed on Mars in its ancient past and it might persist today. 

Alan Duffy, an associate professor at Swinburne University in Australia, who was not involved in the study said that this is an amazing result that suggests on Mars. It is not a temporary trickle like discoveries happened previously. However, a persistent water body provides the conditions for life to extend in the period. NASA is aiming to send explorers to access water sources that will help humans to survive on a future crewed Earth neighboring planet mission in the year 2030.  

This significant lake would neither drinkable nor swimmable. It lies almost a mile deep under the icy surface in a rigid environment. Some experts are keen about the possibility since the lake is so briny and cold, mixed with heavy dissolved Martian minerals and salts. The temperature of the lake is below the freezing point of pure water. It can remain liquid because of the presence of calcium, sodium, and magnesium. 

There are similar water deposits across the underground Mars. Researchers are excited about the future finds, because liquid water could be found at the South Pole of Mars and it might be anywhere else as well. 

Duffy said that there is nothing special about the location other than MARSIS radar on the Mars Express spacecraft. 

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield said on twitter that the exploration is to get the fundamental question about existence. There always life, where on the Earth their water. He said you all are not alone.