The climatic conditions in Europe are quite unpredictable and thus the use of solar energy has remained dubious but now the country may thrive on such energy sources despite the fact that weather there is highly unpredictable. Ireland, Switzerland, as well as the United Kingdom is researching and looking for ways to harness renewable sources of energy. They are using meteorological data that dates back to some thirty years and are examining the implications. A model for the use of solar energy is being designed and the impact of this change has already been calculated. Electricity sector by 2030 will undergo a huge change owing to renewable sources of energy. 

Europe can comfortably produce 35% of its total electricity need by renewable sources of energy despite the bad weather and unpredictable nature of wind and sunshine. It includes both solar energy and energy from wind. Green alternatives to thermal energy as well as fossil fuels are sought more often nowadays. Every nation is aware of the limited nature of these resources and wishes to save them for the future generations. There, however, are certain drawbacks of these options are you never know when it will rain or when the winds will not blow. It thus creates fluctuations in the power supply.  

The scientists of these countries have studied the pattern of these changes in weather and have modeled out a probability to estimate what exactly is the possibility of winds to blow or sun to shine every month or week. They focused on smaller regions and using data from satellites analyzed it. It was a challenge to study these patterns and implement them for the production of electricity. The biggest challenge for harnessing such an energy is its transportation and strength. Studying the data of thirty years (1985-2014) was neither an easy task. 

A sustainable growth model with renewable sources of energy can be achieved in about twelve years. To reduce carbon emissions and protect the earth from global warming and other disasters, an energy policy is needed. With increasing dependence on technology, the power usage has increased for both the town as well as villages. If we do not look for alternatives to fulfill our need for energy, we may not be in a position to use it at all very soon. Awareness about the weather patterns would help increase the understanding of the sources being used as well as work to predict accurately how reliable the source can be.