Two space tourists are looking forward to blast in the moon, have to wait until next year-2019. According to the spokesperson James Gleeson, the trip around the moon has been canceled, which has announced first last year. He has confirmed that the firm runs by the billionaire Elon Musk, is planning to fly personal individuals and many individuals could be interested in flying over the moon.

SpaceX has offered reasons to postpone technical challenges. Such delays occur over the course of time because for several technical reasons. Sometimes it delays over the years. Since the last outing of Apollo in 2013, Musk announced a mission in the year 2017 the first manned trip to the moon. It is set to be the same launch pad Apollo used which is a lunar mission: Pad 39A at the space center in Florida.

Recently the two high payable astronauts approached Musk about the trip over the moon, while he is planning to fly the individuals there. SpaceX said that the astronauts would fly to the moon and explore their dream and ambition to the benefits of humankind.   They will operate with the Dragon V2 spacecraft, which would thoroughly test. The shuttle will not land on the lunar surface but near to the circle of it.

SpaceX is continuing the preparation for the year 2019, and the astronauts have to stay tight to travel it soon. Other space private companies — Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic among them — are also preparing the trip towards space as a commercial service. Regular people with plenty of funds in the wallet could have short trips to space about 62-miles, where they would enjoy fantastic views and experience several minutes of weightlessness before coming to Earth. The companies are expecting to launch the ultimate services in next 12 months’ time. When Space X says, the act could turn out complete after some time. It will take a long time to accomplish the company’s desires.

The latest news of SpaceX you could read in the Wall Street Journal and could view the short vide for the same. This will give you the latest news of SpaceX and how they prepared for tourists travels over the moon. It is a fantastic mission and will be taking place soon.