As it was mentioned couple hours ago, Blue Origin performed next attempt of launching and landing of New Shepard. 

Blue Origin was focused on simple, relatively affordable and reusable launch vehicle for space touristic. Its variant of reusable technology was as simple as possible-its success was not so spectacular like first landing of SpaceX Falcon-9 on 21 December 2015. But unlike to Falcon-9, New Shepard repeat landing successfully on 22 January 2016.

This same New Shepard used for mission performed on 23 November 2015, reach altitude of 101.7 km on 22 January 2016. Again BE-3 engine worked flawlessly and let capsule to reach space and remain in zero gravity state. In same time first stage of New Shepard was reaching Earth, restarting engines and land without any problems. Capsule started to descend, deployed parachutes, just before touching ground engines were automatically started and slowed down capsule to 5 km/h.  This is how reusability should look like, and this is how manned missions to space should look-just like getting into car and drive! Congratulations Blue Origin, You do it right!