It is only last month when the satellite Tess’s launch took place. By doing that, NASA aimed at exploring the happenings in the far that our country cannot reach. One may ask what the focus was exactly. The answer to this question is that TESS was to look for a specific kind of stars. They are those that not only shine on heavenly bodies but also do that with some similarities to existing exoplanets. NASA has something to tell the world and also to put into the astronauts’ record.

There is an image that TESS sent after a while of silence. Although the picture is not clear, it is far much better than having none. According to those who are studying it, some information is undetectable. One thing about it is that the scale of the mission is yet to be analyzed. On the other hand, the documentation area has to undergo an enlargement. That should be to the extent of 400 folds the area of the captured image.

Tess captured the star field that surrounds the famous constellation that goes by the name Centaurus in only two seconds focus. Wonderfully, the moment took more than 200,000 stars for study. However, this was one capture from the four cameras set in the mess to explore. The four cameras will be used during the mission to cover all regions of space in 27 days. The satellite will directly take the images from above the two orbits. These two-star fields will enable the team behind the analysis to identify any moving object.

Yesterday, Tess got gravity assistance from the moon to settle it to the nearest point of its final orbit. That is where it will be fined from in 30th May to get into virgin areas where most satellites have never reached. By doing this, the new imagery will be available frequently in hardly a fortnight interval. The results will accelerate because this satellite will be at its nearest point to the earth. Nevertheless, the most reliable image from this satellite is targeted to be some time in June.

The team hopes that things go as planned. That will, as a result, give better images for an excellent analysis. Nevertheless, they appreciate what they got recently. It is clear that there is hope after all. What is left is for them to wait for things to get better.