The government of Canada has high hopes that it will be able to publish its new space strategy within a couple of months. However, in the meantime, it has invested around $20 million for research and development activities. The space strategy which is overdue for a year now was initially scheduled to be released in the year of 2017.

Navdeep Bains is the minister of innovation, science, and development for the Canada Government. He is very much hopeful that the strategy document will be rolled out very soon which will pave the way for the private companies to move and adhere to the rules and regulations and thereby bring a robust growth in the economy. Navdeep further addressed the journalists saying that although the exact date of the rollout of the space strategy is yet to be decided, the same will be out soon. Navdeep made this statement when he was disclosing some new funding avenues for the Canadian space firms in Montreal.

Navdeep allocated total funding of CAD 26.7 million which is to be invested in 46 space-related research activities to be conducted in different aerospace research programs and as well as various universities. The various actions for which such funding has been done includes tracking waterways, keeping a close watch on forest fires, improving weather forecasting positions and tacking climatic changes. The companies are happy to see fundings allocated for such projects. But the companies are eagerly waiting for the space strategy to become active, which, according to them will open up many potential space projects to be executed.

Bins have further added that the space strategy will be utilized to improve the economic conditions by involving more of the private privatization and will include all the essential benefits and the incentives for the commercial companies that will further encourage them to enhance the space exploration process. He also added that 90 percent of the aerospace firms in Canada are small or medium size business. The Government wants to help these firms further financially and motivate them even further. This will also ensure that the high paying jobs remain within Canada only. The Government views this move as a part of the “research and innovation plan” which is mainly intended to boost up this sector.

The space industry representatives are eagerly waiting for the space strategy to come into effect so that they gauge the opening of different space projects in the near future.