We were not forced to wait for a long time for next mission of Blue Origin spacecraft. New Shepard will be launched today!

Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Blue Origin announced about planned flight on his Twitter profile yesterday:

“Working to fly again tomorrow. Same vehicle. Third time”

It will be second attempt on 2016 and third in the history of New Shepard. First time successful flight was performed on 23 November 2015 and for the second time it was launched on 22 January 2016. This time we know before fact that Blue Origin is going to try again. According to Jeff Bezos tweets, New Shepard will have implemented new Radar Cross-Section algorithm in Crew Capsule. Also onboard there is place for two university microgravity experiments: BOXE (by Southwest Research Institute) and COLLIDE (by University of Central Florida). First is devoted for better understanding dynamics of rocky soil in microgravity conditions. It is box containing two sections with different types of rocks and sensors measuring and recording differences in their movement. COLLIDE is devoted to research on dynamic of dust in microgravity. It is basically box with camera, some dust and marble ball. In microgravity camera will record how round object affects to dynamic and movement of dust. It will help in understanding objects with low surface gravity like asteroids.

Whole mission will be filmed with drone cameras flying over their facility near Van Horn, Texas, so we will have possibility to see New Shepard in full action. Good luck Blue Origin !