A test was held on Einstein’s’ general relativity theory, from test results. International astronomers have concluded that this theory is true for the three-star system as well.

According to the popular theory of Einstein, every object falls, in the same way, no matter what mass or composition it has. For example from a tower a ball and apple, both are falling then both will hit the ground at the same time. Because they vary in mass or composition, it won’t make them hit the field at the different time. It is believed that this theory is true with almost all different cases, but few people hypothesize that there can be some other theories of gravity applicable as well in case of extreme gravity. According to the new research, it is confirmed that the general relativity theory is valid with original gravity system as well.

PSR JO337+1715 is the three-star system on which international researchers conducted research. This three-star system is almost 4200 light years away. A neutron star and two white dwarfs comprise this three-star system. These white dwarfs have the size equal to earth, the mass similar to the sun and are much like dense stars. Neutron stars are not much big; they are smaller in size than white dwarfs.

Because of a supernova explosion, cores of stars have collapsed, and this is how they are formed.  Neuron stars are capable of sending electromagnetic signals on a regular basis out through space. These signals can be captured using a radio telescope on Earth.

When the researchers discovered the presence of this three-star system, a study in nature was published by them in the year 2014 that this system can be considered for testing the general relativity theory, stated by Einstein. 

According to the researchers in this three system neutron star along with one white dwarf is in a 1.6-day orbit. The second dwarf of the system orbit this pair of a neutron star and one white dwarf with a 327 days period. The researchers began to track an inner couple of stars by several realms of the white dwarf present outside to determine whether they are affected differently by the gravity of outer white dwarf or not. After studying for a period, the researcher concluded by saying that in this model there is a minimal effect of other theories of gravity and this difference noticed here is almost negligible.