Lithium oxygen batteries which claimed to last longer than the regular batteries have a question now regarding quality and life of the batteries.  By making use of an advanced technique called liquid microscopy which visualizes chemical reactions that occur in liquid environments, a new discovery is made by scientists. The discovery says that the batteries slow down and die after a very few charges and discharge cycles and is reported in the journal of Nano Energy. 

The scientists opined that they were initially able to visualize how lithium peroxide developed in the liquid electrolyte of these batteries and would eventually slow down killing the batteries finally. This was descriptively explained by Reza ShahbazianYassar who is an associate professor in the department of mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois. This is the new reason why the batteries fail in a very less time of usage. Development of Lithium peroxide in the battery itself is a huge discovery to understand that these batteries drop off in their efficiency.  Shahbazian  -Yassar and his colleagues have now started using a new technique of microscopy which showed that lithium peroxide also forms the component of the battery that will slow down the process. So along with UIC engineering students Kun He and Yifei Yuan, the team has started to come up with ideas and designs which can prevent the slowing down of batteries or else maintain perfect functioning so that the batteries do not lose their efficieny. The batteries operation, however, should not be affected and also the research should go in the right direction. 

Till now, lithium oxygen batteries are used and present only in lab prototypes, giving it to public use is still a question considering the new discovery made by ShahbazianYassar. All the issues should be overcome before it is in the mainstream. To do this, understanding the problems perfectly and working over them is also important. The very first and big leap towards commercialization of high energy batteries is in overcoming the issues. 

This discovery is surely going to act as a censor to any claims which say lithium oxygen batteries have an extra life for long hour usage. A perfect research and development process only can give out a valid result of how any battery can last long without creating complications to the user. Safety concerns also matter.