NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg, is pretty much worried and confessed on Thursday that the disagreements between the United States and Europe had intensified a lot. However, the trans-Atlantic bond on defense as well as security remains the same. In a speech in London, Stoltenberg said such disagreements are “real”. It is not written firmly anywhere that the transatlantic bond will stay intact forever and that he believes that they could preserve it.

The NATO chief pointed out various views that crept up between European Nations and the President of the United States in respect of the Iran nuclear deal along with the environmental and the trade issues. Such topic came up at the G7 meeting that was held in the earlier part of this month. However, the chief is very confident of the fact that US-led military alliance would be able to maintain its unity at the summit which is scheduled to be held in July, which would, in turn, confirm more flow of cash and also human force. He also said that there are many laws and provision which have kept the relationship between Europe and North America intact. However, some bonding has weakened off lately.

However, the NATO chief, on the other hand, feels that although some of the bonding is not that strong, the defense tie-ups have become much stronger. Ever after coming to power, the Trump administration has enhanced the funding level for the US presence in Europe by 40 percent. During the next month NATO summit which is scheduled to be held in Brussels, Stoltenberg expects that the issue of raising the funding level for European spending on defense will be pressed further. He even thanked President Trump for being such vigilant regarding defense funding. He also feels that the Trump administration would be stronger concerning defense funding henceforth.

However, when Stoltenberg was asked about the outcomes of the meeting of President Trump and President Putin of Russia, he said that whatever may be the outcome of the meeting which is scheduled to take place during Trump’s visit to Russia, the NATO policy would remain intact and same. He said that nobody wants a new Cold War, a new arms race and that is there to stay always. He assured that the US wants to maintain a good relationship with Russia and even if good relation becomes a problematic path at least the US can talk to Russia to manage a complex relation.