NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) keeps on surprising and delighting space lovers and space explorers from time to time. The space agency has enchanted everyone once again with yet another cool project which is going to be cold. This year on 20th May, the space agency launched a super cool laboratory. The enticing and thrilling feature about this lab is that it is going to be established there in the outer space. The name of this ultracold lab is CAL (Cold Atom Lab). The lab has been launched by ISS (International Space Station). 

NASA has launched this CAL lab with the primary objective of studying Quantum physics. It is being said that this lab is going to be the coldest place in the entire universe. The chief reason why this lab for studying Quantum Physics has been set up in space is very exciting. NASA wanted to motivate and provide support to its skillful scientists. By bringing up this CAL lab, the space agency would be able to give scientists an enjoyable and helpful environment. The environment consisting of microgravity would be conducive to studying the quantum events and occurrences most practically and suitably. In a nutshell, the scientists would now be able to see the functional quantum phenomena in this space located CAL lab. 

Such practical experience of watching, analyzing and studying quantum phenomena is not at all possible in the environment on our planet Earth. Be it about the Bose-Einstein condensates or the absolute zero theory of Quantum Physics, studying and watching these procedures in the CAL lab would surely be exciting and alluring. 

The establishment of Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) by NASA is a step worth high appreciation. This step will add a new dimension to the way quantum physics is studied and understood. This physics user facility in the form of a lab will be operating International Space Station (ISS), and the same fact makes it very exciting. Sources are also saying from NASA that CAL will be creating extremely cold atoms called Bose-Einstein condensates. The lab will be tremendously chilled and would even cross the average temperature of deep space in coldness. It is the reason why this lab is being said the ‘coldest point in the entire universe). The researchers, scientists and of course, the quantum physics will gain a lot of benefits from CAL.