Space missions are not free from risks. NASA lost another astronaut, Col. Don Peterson, who devoted 24 years of his life to the Air Force. At the age of 84, Peterson bid farewell to the world and left a family behind. 

The sad demise of Peterson took place on 27th May 2018. It was a black day for NASA because they lost a dear astronaut, who spent a considerable amount of years with the organization. He had bone cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The disease took his life, but he can proudly rest in peace as he fulfilled his dream, and lived a quality life. 

The much-loved astronaut will be remembered for his gentleness other than his fantastic career. As per the obituary, Don loved spending time with his children and wife. He was a real family man, and saying, ‘I love you’ was natural for him. Don mentioned that holding his grandchildren is better than floating in space. 

Peterson is not the only one, who bid adieu to the world. He is the second one, who died over the same weekend. The first one was Alan Bean, who was the fourth man to walk on the moon. He died on the same weekend at the age of 86. 

Col. Don Peterson’s death has been a significant loss for NASA. He is best-known for participating in the first pace walk of the shuttle program. It was in the year 1969 when Peterson became an astronaut, but he remained in the Air Force for many years. 

After giving 24 years of his life, Peterson retired as a Colonel. He logged in 120 hours in space and fulfilled his dream of flying. Whether it was in Air Force or being an astronaut, the goal of flying got accomplished. 

According to the obituary, Peterson’s family is elated that he could fulfill his dream of flying. It was Don’s childhood dream to fly. A memorial service is to be held on 31st March, Thursday at 11 AM.