On 22 May during the launch of SpaceX one of the high-end camera got destroyed. NASA recently shared about the details related to this event. One of the photographers who work for space and aeronautics agency was Bill Ingalls who took the responsibility of recording the occurrence of SpaceX launch. However, the things went wrong and his years of experience were also not sufficient to stop this incident to happen.

Images from the melted camera departed looks to be very horrible. One cannot say that Ingalls do not have sufficient experience for such type of work as in the past as well he has completed such tasks for NASA multiple times. On the day of the event when SpaceX was set to launch, Ingalls had set up multiple cameras, and the one who got destroyed was placed very far from the launch pad. And this is the weirdest thing about that incident that the camera which was far away got damaged and nothing happened to the nearby cameras.

Ingalls in his recent statement on NASA’s official website said that there were about six remotes; four were inside and two outside the launch pad safety perimeter. When the grass fire completely melted one of the cameras, things started becoming horrible. The main reason for this incident on the launch of SpaceX is the presence of very heavy bush near the camera. While the launch process a fire resulted from the blast that goes beyond the launch zone boundaries. It can be seen in the photos launched by NASA that there was a fire around the camera during launch.

It is astounding that the memory card of the camera did not get affected by the fire and remains intact when Ingalls opened it after the shooting. There is no information yet about where this destroyed camera will be headed next; Although Ingalls want that this camera should be kept at the NASA headquarters which is located in Washington, D.C.

Ingalls is a very experienced photographer, and he has been working for NASA from last 30 years. And during his entire journey in NASA this the first time that a camera got destroyed during the launch. Soon Ingalls will head towards Kazakhstan, and he has to record the landing of the Expedition 55 crew which is on 3rd June.  As per NASA statement, it is believed that this time things will generally go as they do not expect any hazard this time.