The renowned astronaut, Chris Hadfield, claims that the top space agencies would not be able to reach the Red Planet soon. This came as a shock since the Charles Bolden (NASA administrator), and Elon Musk (SpaceX founder) had announced their plans to land on the planet in full commitment.  

 “I don’t think any of those three rockets are taking people to Mars. I don’t think those are a practical way to send people to Mars because they’re dangerous and it takes too long.”, said Chris Hadfield adding that these companies do not possess the required technology to be able to come through with such a thing successfully. Moreover, he said that the dangers of such a mission are far from what the technology and finance at hand can cover or prevent. 

NASA believes that they’d be able to reach Mars by the year 2030. By which they would send an unmanned rover in 2020, and a manned mission later. On the other hand, SpaceX announced their commitment to colonize Mars soon in the future. However, their plans slowed down due to the development of the BFR rocket. Blue Origin, led by Jeff Bezos, also aim to send their spacecraft to this Red Planet following similar plans of the other rocket companies.

But Mr. Hadfield has an entirely different view of the situation. He believes that neither of the companies are capable financially or technologically of succeeding in their missions. He claimed that it would contain a significant amount of risk as the technology isn’t as active yet. These potential risks include, but are not limited to, the effects of space radiations, technical failures, and starvation.

They aren’t unknown facts nevertheless. Elon Musk agreed that the Mars mission is “hazardous” and acknowledged the fatality of the same. Even though he said that SpaceX is in the process of building the first Mars ship. 

Mr. Hadfield denied the possibility of achieving such a feat at the moment, saying that he thinks scientists and astronauts need to come up with new technology to overcome the limitations of the current spacecraft and also the dangers presented by the journey to Mars. Though Mr. Hadfield may feel it is not possible at the moment, he believes that the mission is plausible.