Majority of us consider the profession of an astronaut to be fancy, but in reality, they are not having a ball up there in outer space. Pooping is an issue, and that’s precisely what Peggy Whinston revealed. 

Peggy Whinston is a NASA astronaut and having spent 655 days in outer space; she disclosed that everything is fascinating about living in space, except the pooping part. 

Whinston compared this experience as a ‘camping trip,’ and she mentioned that urinating in the space station is still easier as compared to pooping. 

We often wonder how these astronauts manage to poop in space and look like Whinston does not have a great story to tell. She narrated how one has to hit a small target. Forget the luxurious amenities; the space station does not have a  pot for urinating or pooping. 

How does it work? Peggy disclosed that the astronauts have to hit a small target, and then the poop is sealed in a plastic bag. It gets disposed of the next trash day. In case it gets too full, one has to put the rubber gloves on and pack the poop. 

When the International Space Station toilet does not work, the astronauts have to deal with floating poop. It does not sound pleasant, isn’t it? Free-floating poop is a significant issue related to space travel. It hampers the health of the astronauts, and more importantly, it is floating in space which is not a pleasant thought. 

The urinating system is more straightforward as the urine goes through a recycling system which turns it back to water. Urinating does not seem to be a problem, but a solution has to be found for the poop problem. 

A YouTube video has been posted which shows the demonstration of how it works in the International Space Station. 

Did you know that astronauts practice the technique before they go on a mission? They use training toilets, and they get mentally prepared for the harsh conditions. 

NASA has to think through this and find a solution because the poop is not getting recycled. Despite all the hardships, it is praiseworthy that the astronauts spend several weeks in a space station. Not everyone gets the chance to go on such a privileged mission!