Astronauts Scott Kelly and Tim Kopra could be satisfied yesterday – all objectives for their spacewalk were completed as planned.

Punctually at 12:45 GMT both astronauts were outside the ISS and starting to move towards jammed platform of Canadarm2. Objective was clear – repair platform to let it move to latch and lock in correct position. NASA supposed that problem was caused by lever of brake which could move itself to “lock” position. Problem occurred with cart moving along with platform – which is called crew equipment and translation aid (CETA). Scott Kelly, after releasing the brake, noticed that cart is not moving. Two hits performed by space station commander Scott Kelly helped to move cart forward. Operators from command enter were able to uplink command to move platform to desired latch. Scott Kelly and Tim Kopra could change position and start to work on their additional tasks: Kopra started to prepare Ethernet cables for attaching new Russian module Nauka (delayed from 2007 and planned for 2016) and Kelly was busy with power cables for new docking port. After finishing 191st ISS spacewalk, crew members will wait for scheduled for Wednesday docking of Progress-MS launched yesterday.