SpaceX after postponing launch from 24 February 2016 decided to launch Falcon-9 1.2v today on 23:46 GMT.

SES-9 is broadcasting satellite operated by Luxembourg company SES S.A.. It was made by Boeing with utilization of 702HP bus and equipped with XIPS – electric ion thruster and very efficient powering system. Satellite will be placed into orbit at 108.2° longitude east and will cover with its range South Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines; it will also provide data transferring services for Asia and Indian Ocean. According to SpaceX announcements we have a look at mission plan:

  • 23:46 GMT T=00’00″00″‘ lift-off of Falcon-9 1.2V with SES-9 on atop.
  • 23:48 GMT T+02’36″00″‘ engines of the first stage stopped, separation of first and second stage of Falcon-9
  • T+??’??”??”” first stage will change flight to vertical and will perform attempt of landing on one of “Of Course I Still Love You”, one of robotic ships belonged to SpaceX. Landing will be performed close to Florida, on Atlantic Ocean.
  • 23:49 GMT T+03’42″00′” fairing should be jettisoned
  • 23:55 GMT T+09’01″00″” stopping engine of the second stage for about 16 minutes.
  • 00:13 GMT 26 February 2016 T+27’07″00″” restarting of the second stage for about 4 minutes
  • 00:17 GMT 26 February 2016 T+31’24″00″” satellite should be deployed

In spite of fact that due this mission whole fuel from first stage will be utilized for injecting SES-9 as far as possible (about reasons You can read here), SpaceX will perform attempt of recovering first stage, but even in official mission briefing it is not considered as possible. Landing will be performed again on robotic ship – just like during previous mission of Falcon-9 1.1V with on atop Jason-3 on 17 January 2016.

You can watch live broadcast from mission here.