It is end of cooperation between Russia and Ukraine – no further launches of Zenit rocket from Baikonur will be planned.

TASS press agency announced about last launch of Zenit rocket with Elektro-L2 weather satellite atop (mission was described in this post). It is probably last launch of Ukrainian rocket in the cooperation with Russia. Next planned launch could be Spektr-RG satellite; in Baikonur still remains one Zenit rocket ready to launch but it is usable until summer 2016 – at this moment Spektr-RG is scheduled on 2017. Another planned launch for 2015/2016 – mission of first Ukrainian communication satellite Lybid-1, is halted due the political tensions with Russia. Contracted launches of Elektro-3 and Elektro-4 satellites were moved to Proton rocket and scheduled on 2016 and 2018. Yuzhnoye Design Office and cooperating factories are cut off from RD-171 engines manufactured in Russia simply due the lack of funds, after Roscosmos and Sea Launch decided to limit number of launches utilizing Zenit rocket. It seems that Ukrainian way of developing space industry proved to be a dead end if Yuzhnoye would not find another investor or launch service provider.