It is probably last launch of Ukrainian Zenit rocket – one more result of tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Zenit rocket was part of cooperation between Ukraine and Russia and it seemed that brought benefits for both sides. Unfortunately due the politic tensions between these two countries it is reaching its end. Zenit launched with Elektro-L weather satellite on atop was 83rd mission of Zenit rocket (more about mission You can read here). Including launches from Baikonur and sea launch site developed and possessed by joint venture company, Sea Launch, Zenit was performing quite well – it was utilized for missions of weather, communication and research satellites (particularly interesting was utilizing Zenit during mission of Fobos-Grunt space probe with Yinghuo-1, Chinese Mars lander). It seems that after retiring Zenit, Roscosmos will utilize their new Angara rocket (You can read about Angara here). Sea Launch which is since controlled by Energia Company will be sold (You can read about it here. For Ukrainian space industry hard times are coming. It is possible, in case of successful selling of Sea Launch, that new owner will be interested in continuing cooperation with Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, which Zenit was main source of income. Otherwise it is possible that space industry on Ukraine will collapse, and engineers and scientist became unemployed. It will create conveniently situation for countries like North Korea to try to persuade these people to work on their space program not necessary in peaceful purposes.