It seems that Kepler is in good condition and will return to service in short time.

Since early April 2016 Kepler space telescope had problems which were considered as seriously threat for its mission. Kepler after space journey, which lasts since 2009, during which spacecraft passed distance of 120 million kilometers is kind of veteran. After dealing with partial failure of attitude control in 2013, NASA decided of starting next mission of Kepler – K2. After next three years of service, Kepler entered into Emergency Mode probably on 5th April 2016 just before starting Campaign 9 mission focused on experiments devoted to parallax effect in deep space observation. Luckily NASA and Ball Aerospace, manufacturer of the Kepler, again managed to bring spacecraft to life. After one week of monitoring condition of the Kepler nothing wrong was spotted. Satellite still remains operational; all onboard instruments are powered, including main scientific payload – photometer which is used for space observation. Engineers sent to Kepler commands to turn on and test onboard instruments along with special procedure which will help avoiding of entering in Emergency Mode in future. According to NASA, situation is stabilized and further actions will be performed after confirmation from spacecraft that everything works fine after turning power on. Unfortunately reason of anomaly remains unknown and is still under investigation.