Jeff Bezos who is the founder of Amazon is quite excited to move a step forward for his vision towards the Moon. He has said that he will join hands with both NASA and the European Space Agency to work towards Moon mission. He is so determined for fulfilling his vision that he has said that if even his company Blue Origin could not strike a private-public partnership, then also he will use all the efforts to fulfill his dreams of reaching out to the moon. He made this statement after he received the National Space society’s Gerard K. O’Neil Memorial Award.

He said that the primary objective of Blue origin is to reduce the costing that is involved in making rockets. At the nascent stage, he wants to achieve that economies of scale through the New Shepherd suborbital spaceship and after that continue the hard work with the New Glenn Rocket within the 2020s. Thinking about a long-term settlement, he wants to smooth out the way for millions of people who will be working in space. Such people might work in the hollowed-out asteroids. It is a concept that was visualized long back ago by O’Neil, a pioneer of physics and it is this idea that inspired Jeff Bezos to envision his journey for Moon.

Bezos feels that moving the heavy industry into the solar-powered space outpost is one and the only way to help the planet to meet the energy needs and also to sustain the stress that the ever-increasing population on the earth’s surface. Bezos feels that it will be the right step to move the heavy industry activities from the surface of the earth. He thinks that Earth should only be used for residential purpose and also for the light industries activities. He also believes that all such heavy industry should work with the help of 24*7 solar power.

So the crucial factor that will bridge the gap between the short run and the long run will be our Moon. Just as the SpaceX billionaire, Elon Musk is targeting the Red Planet, the Moon is being focused by Amazon chief, Jeff Bezos. Much earlier that the current US administration started to launch various missions for the Moon, Jeff Bezos had been pioneering his vision to utilize Moon to a great extent. Bezos has also said that Moon is very near to Earth and can be reached very conveniently and that it would be a prudent decision to move towards the energy packed satellite from now onwards.