We are waiting for 24th launch of Falcon-9 with Japanese communication satellite on atop – launch postponed from today due the stormy weather in Cape Canaveral SLC-40.

JCSat-14 was originally scheduled for 2015, but due the Falcon-9 disaster on June 28, 2015, launch was moved to later date. Now, after postponing for 24 hours due the stormy weather in Cape Canaveral rocket will take off on 05:21 GMT on 6th May 2016 from Cape Canaveral SLC-40. At the moment probability of launching on 6th May, SpaceX assesses for 86%.

JCSat-14 is communication and broadcasting satellite belonging to Japanese Company JSAT operating mainly in Asia-Pacific region. JSAT was established in 1989 with headquarter placed in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Company owes 16 satellites and provides such services like video distribution, data transfer or Direct-To-Home service. In Japan Company became in 2008 operator of largest DTH platform “SKY PerfecTV!” which covers over 3.4 million households in Japan. JCSat-14 was manufactured by Space Systems/Loral under contract from 2012. It will replace JCSat-8 at orbital slot on 154° East longitude. SSL developed JCSat-14 basing on SSL-1300 bus and equipped satellite in 26 C band and 18 Ku band transponders which will cover with range Asia, Russia, Oceania, and the Pacific Islands where it will provide  high speed data transfer especially for aviation and maritime. Satellite has estimated operational life at 15 years, it weighs 4696 kg.

SpaceX performed successful static test fire on May 1, 2016. As usual during test engineers and specialists performed propellant loading sequence, launch countdown and tested all engine ignition operations along with Niagara deluge system. At the moment Falcon-9 1.2v is already rolled out and everything indicates that this time weather will not interrupt in launch. This mission will be also finished with next attempt of landing on the “Of Course I Still Love You” drone ship. It is worth to remind that in case of successful landing it will be second touchdown on drone ship in 2016, after previous performed on April 8, 2016. According to SpaceX attempt will be performed but due the fact that this is GTO mission, first stage will reenter with very high velocity and probability of success of landing is low.

Below You can find flight plan:

  • T+01’20” – point when maximal mechanical stress is put on the rocket
  • T+02’38” – first stage will shut down its nine Merlin 1D engines
  • T+02’41” – separation of the first and second stage
  • T+02’49” – second stage will start its engine
  • T+03’36” – payload fairing will be deployed
  • T+08’53” – second stage will shut down its engines
  • T+26’27” – second stage will restart engines for 59 seconds
  • T+27’26” – engine in second stage will be cut off
  • T+32’02” – deploying JCSat-14

It will be 24th launch of Falcon-9 and fourth in 2016. Good luck SpaceX !

On picture above: perfect landing on “Of Course I Still Love You” on April 9, 2016.