International Space Station was set to the new position before docking of Soyuz spacecraft planned on the beginning of June.

Position was changed according to flight plan and was performed by Russian Mission Control Center placed in Korolev near Moscow. Maneuver was started and finished on April 13, 2016. Propulsion of Progress MS-02 spacecraft (which docked to SSVP-M8000 port on Zvezda module on April 2, 2016) started at 11:20 GMT for 254 s. It was enough to give ISS speed of 0.5 m/s and reach altitude of 404.3 km (it was increased for 900 m). At present orbit parameters of International Space Station are: inclination – 51, 62°, maximal altitude – 422.9 km, minimal altitude – 403.5 km and orbital period at 92.593 minutes.

Changing altitude by International Space Station was necessary for correct undocking and return to Earth of Soyuz TMA-19M which is planned for June 5th 2016. Places on Soyuz will occupy members of Expedition 46/47 – Yuri Malenchenko (Roscosmos), Timothy Kopra (NASA), Timothy Peake (ESA). Their places will not last free for long; next launch of manned Soyuz MS-01 is scheduled for 21st June 2016 from Baikonur Cosmodrome. This time three following astronauts will reach ISS: Anatoly Ivanishin (Roscosmos), Kathleen Rubens (NASA)  and Takuya Onishi (JAXA).

On picture above – undocking of Soyuz TMA-19 performed on 2010.