After firing the thrusters for the very first time during last week, InSight spacecraft is on its proper path leading towards Mars. The spacecraft underwent a trajectory correction manoeuvre last week on May 22, 2018, and the course correction activity is supposed to happen six times before reaching the final destination. The spacecraft was launched on May 5, 2018 and was launched with Atlas V 401 rocket. the InSight is one of the first projects which will be checking the surface of the red planet with a more significant approach. According to NASA, the mission will undertake to study the interiors of the planet as well by gauging marsquakes. The mission will also examine the process and source of the heat that emerges deep down the surface on Mars. Marsquakes re seismic activities that are similar to the earthquakes here on this planet.

According to the data provided by National Aeronautics space agency, the spacecraft InSight is going to take help from these seismic activities that are produced on the surface of Mars and then prepare a map of these activities. This exercise will helpfully determine the sources and related mysteries of the red planet and this might eventually lead to the data about how earth and other planets were formed. InSight is expected to land on Mars on November 26, 2018. The velocity and the location of this spacecraft are constantly being monitored by the NASA navigators.

Interior exploration using seismic investigations, Geodesy and heat transport, the short for InSight, is having this dedicated flight to explore the interiors. The team navigating and monitoring the process is located at the Jet propulsion laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, California. The team is currently relying on the Deep Space Network to keep a track of the spacecraft. The DSN or deep system network is a system of antennas that is located three sites around the earth. The earth keeps on rotating and each of the sites keeps coming in range with the spacecraft from time to time, sending the radio signals that help the team to track the positions.

InSight spacecraft is part of the NASA’s discovery program which is managed by the Marshall Space Flight Centre located in Huntsville, Alabama. The spacecraft was initially tested and built by the Lockheed Martin Space situated in Denver. The InSight is currently watched by all the space majors and its journey to Mars is expected to be one of crucial importance.