If we go as per the records, we will see that the only space constitution that is available till date is the “Outer Space Treaty” which was framed in the year of 1967. This constitution was the signed by almost all the major powerful nations of the world. The document if dealt minutely will show that it is very forward-looking as it says that “celestial bodies” such as the moon and the asteroids are beyond the periphery of the commercial companies. As a result, the nations will have to be very careful and vigilant in respect of the various activities that such commercial private companies take up in space. The constitution also speaks about the safety of the people. It restricts developing or manufacturing of any such types of equipment which will result in mass destruction within the space.

However, in spite of being so advanced, the authors at that time might not have imagined that we will be reaching this far regarding space exploration!! Currently, we have 1738 human-made satellites that are orbiting around our planet. As the days are passing by manufacturing of such satellites and spacecraft are becoming more cost efficient and thereby becoming more easier for such commercial companies to send such vehicles and satellites to space more frequently. Such activities, in turn, will result in more space debris.

Till date it has been challenging to handle different scientific as well as engineering challenges, leaving aside political and various social issues. Such scientific and engineering problems involve managing different orbital debris and at the same time mining celestial objects. Aaron Boley who is a planetary physicist involved with the University of British Columbia has said that they have to develop a path that would take the space exploration process way ahead without incurring any damages and with no possible conflicts among nations.

Thi is the main reason why Boley along with six other space specialists, policy experts along with the legal personnel are putting their hard efforts to develop the world’s first ever institute for the Sustainable development for Space. It will be a particular think tank as well as a regulatory body whose primary objective would be to deal with various space activities. The nations that are joining hands for the same noble purpose include the UK, US, and China.

Such collaboration with the experts would help to formulate different space policies that would pave the way for future space exploration from where the current officials would be signing off.