To protect an ancient forest the German activists are living on tree houses near to a coal mine and pledged to resist the eviction of the forest by police either with a long battle for the environment. More than hundreds of police officers gather early morning on the area after getting an order from local authorities for clearing citing fire hazards. 

In around 60 tree houses dozens of protestors are residing at above 25 meters high from the ground. This occupying of tree houses and living starts from the year 2012 and the presence is still accounting there but Armin Laschet, the state premier of North Rhine Westphalia on Wednesday says that this area is occupied illegally after which the accused persons become violent as they are residing there from a long time. 

Those activists who are protesting this energy expansion are one of the largest group in Europe and known for the mass mobilization by supporters. 

The Jan Purtz of Aktion Unterholz says that all destruction which is being caused in the Hambach Forest is not tolerable. 

From this weekend the evacuation and cutting of forests will be prevented by the police and RWE by taking actions of disobedience. 

On twitter the state police have warned that the demonstrators residing on heights are dangerous for everyone and can harm people, we will not let people get hurt. 

In a live video which got viral, it was shown that an officer of Cherrypicker is cutting the branches of homemade structures in the context of gaining access and a large team of rescue was on the ground. Some officers also block the path of going to tree houses by sitting in a group as per the news agency of DPA. 

A battle was held between David and Goliath after the announcement of RWE that half of the forest around 290 hectares should be cleared by the mid of October. On Wednesday a police officer also fired a shot in the forest and in return lots of people wearing masks attack him by the stones. 

The forest is own by the RWE and it has legal rights for cutting down the trees for accessing lignite or brown coal from the ground during logging season. It is said that the clearing of forest is very important to meet up the complete energy supply which also includes power plants.