In late 2018, the next generation satellite of GPS III is going to be launched with the updated Lockheed Martin’s ground control system by which US Airforce will be benefitted by getting full command over new satellites for the purpose of operation and testing. During 2016 and 2017 two contracts were got placed by Air Force with Lockheed Martin which are named as M-Code Early Use (MCEU) and GPS III Contingency Operation (COps) which will be directed by the company with the upgrading of existing Architecture Evolution Plan (AEP) Operational Control System (OCS) which are going to be operated by GPS constellation of today. 

These upgrades in the AEP OCS has been introduced with the motive of filling the gap between the whole operation of GPS Constellation to next level of OCS Block 1 also known as Operational Control System for the development. The critical design of Lockheed Martin was approved by Airforce in the April 2018 for or the purpose of MCEU by giving green light to the company for proceeding further development. 

In November 2016, a similar nod was given by Airforce toe the COps which now going to deliver in the May 2019 and the scheduled delivery of MCEU is fixed for the January 2020. Program manager for the navigation system of Lockheed Martin Johnathon Caldwell explained that the declaration for the first satellite with GPS III has given by Airforce is going to launch in this year. With the follow up of this launch next nine satellites with GPS III will come into account for the purpose of launching within the flow. 

Capabilities of MCEU

M-code is one of the advanced and modern plans of Airforce for the GPS which is designed to give new signals and improving the problems of anti-spoofing and anti-jamming for securing the signals of GPS for US military and allied armed forces. MCEU has the capability of upgrading AEP OCD which will monitor and upload the M-code inside the constellation of GPS. 

Capabilities of COps

After the launch of the first satellite based on GPS III, more will be accounted in the GPS  constellation which will enable the performance of position, timing, and navigation. These will be helpful for the commercial, civil and military users who are very much depended on GPS. COps are also supporting the GPS IIR, IIF and IIR-M satellites. 

Lockheed Martin is currently having the contract of building and developing ten satellites on GPS III for providing better accuracy at least three times and improved anti-jamming.