Tomorrow scheduled spacewalk for servicing ISS is confirmed. Let’s have a look for latest objectives of first EVA on 2016.

First and main objective for Tim Kopra and Tim Peake is unchanged. After leaving ISS on 13:55 GMT they will start changing broken Sequential Shunt Unit – SSU. Next point of spacewalk will be installing International Docking Adapter (IDA-3) and new Non-Propulsive Vent (NPV – part which is responsible for vent ISS atmosphere). After these three activities, astronauts will start connecting cables for Enhanced Processor and Integrated Communications Multiplexer-Demultiplexer (EPIC-MDM). Further they will release bolt of Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA-3) stanchion and retrieving luminaire of Camera Port #9. Additional tasks partial route of EPIC MDM cables, removing power cable cap of Shuttle to Station Power Transfer System (SSPTS) and S6 Battery torque break. This busy spacewalk is planned for 6.5 hour and is possible to be viewed at

On picture above Tim Peake during final checking his space suit.