German companies are persuading to aim at saving electricity and yielding energy of independence and contributing power supply in production systems. The German yarn factory GruschwitzTextilwerkeAG, that is 200 years old has currently decided to make more progress in persuading the aim together with mercy. This will install roof mounted sun2proof solar energy systems on the company’s benefits and will connect with meeco in real-time energy monitoring system sun2see. 

Gruschwitzwas founded in 1816 and it is the best German textile industry. The sewing threads and technical yarns high-tech specialties is located inLeutkirch / Baden Wurttemberg, close to the border of Austria and Switzerland. As soon as the project is finalized,  Gruschwitz will introduce more than 300 MWh of clean energy annually and make sure to avoid 119 tons CO2 emissions per year with these additional Installations.

The online monitoring of meeco platform sun2see ensures seamless and smooth monitoring of the energy installation operation. It offers 24 hours supervision and if required, troubleshooting support. Thanks to sun2see Gruschwitz platform and customized overview of all parameters. In this wayGruschwitz will take one step ahead on the way becoming independent from the national grid. 

The meeco community is glad to offer their customer Gruschwitz with a seamless solution and to accompany them in their clean and the best energy projects for years to come. 

The mission of the renewable solar energy project is to reduce carbon emission and make sure to provide cost-effective clean energy solution. Their focus is to provide an attractive return on investment and strategic partners. The company aim is to enable everyone to benefit from the renewable energy power production. Their employees are mostly economical and industrial standard. 

Meeco creates excellent renewable energy solution for an extensive range of applications. Their products are exclusive and they create business models efficiently. They provide Swiss design and German engineers to accomplish the solar power energy for the projects. 

After introducing Sun2flow, they drastically reduce the energy and time spent on the revision of the pump. Solar energy is the reliable source of energy and best for carbon emission. The yarn factory could get the right platform to save the energy and the time with this modern and customized solution by meeco. This will not only give more energy but also clean the surroundings.