Greg “BOX” Johnson who was a former NASA astronaut will now be taking up his new responsibility as the Chief Space officer for the Space Nation. It is a startup which will be providing training related to space activities for people around different nations. This new job responsibility will be officially announced on May 28. As per the new job responsibility, this former NASA officer will be giving training and conducting workshop related to Astronaut program. It is a global competition whereby the winner is given the opportunity to go to space every year. He will also be helping the startup company to work on the experiments related to International Space Stations.

In the earlier part of the current month, Johnson visited Iceland where the first initial training exercise for the company was conducted, and many social media personalities attended the event. In the event, such influencers took part in different challenging activities which that the future astronauts of this startup company might face practically. Such activities involve rescue exercises, in-depth research and also driving Astrobotic’s Cube Rover.

This astronaut program made Johnson very excited when he heard of the space about 18 months ago. He said that he learned a lot while giving training for this particular arena. He also expressed his feeling that it is an excellent experience to watch Earth from the space and after that share such feeling to people on Earth wherever they stay through the Space Nation Astronaut Program.

The program kicks off the Space Nation Navigator, which is a smartphone app. The primary objective of this app is to guide the people on how to build up a team and other problem-solving skills related to both physical and mental issues. Competitors from different parts of the world will be participating in this program, and the winner of the program will be given a chance to reach the space. Space nation has formulated plans to buy suborbital rides in the initial phase for the winners and later on send the winners on commercial orbital flights. This statement was made by the co-founder of the Space Nation in a recent interview conducted.

The top management of the Startup was pleased to have an experienced person like Johnson on Board. A person having the experience of working in International Space Station will be constructive for the young and the budding astronauts who have enrolled themselves with the Space Nation.